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    Silicon at the speed of software.

    Design RISC‑V CPUs in an hour. Get custom SoCs in weeks, not months. Impossible? Not anymore.
    Chip Designer

    Design tomorrow’s chips, today.

    Discover a fundamentally new approach to creating custom SoCs.

    Core Designer

    Create custom
    RISC‑V core IP.

    Join the industry-wide wave of innovation with efficient, high-performance and vastly configurable core IP from the inventors of RISC‑V.

    Boards & Software

    Dream it.
    Build it.

    Find RISC‑V-based development boards and programming tools for projects of every size.

    Why SiFive?

    We’re revolutionizing chip design.

    Our platform lets anyone—entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, makers and inventors—translate their dreams into silicon.

    DesignShare Partners

    The world’s best Chip IP is on our platform.

    Learn More
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