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    Welcome to Shenzhen Newbridge Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Tel: +86 755 85292270
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    Network Solution Provider !

    Global Network Equipment Supplier

    Shenzhen Newbridge Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. was found in 2004 Since its establishment, it has been committed to the research & development,production and sales of transmission device overhberluTplcoaxlw[relessfor HDcctv and Network.

    • Media converter
    • Fiber Switch
    • PoE Switch
    • Industrail Switch
    • HDMI & VGA Extender
    • HD-SDI Transmission

    We sincerely invite you become our agents, partners, and we support OEM and ODM to part of products.

    Warranty policy

    Full Machine Warranty Policy, Independent Parts Warranty Policy, Non-Warranty Policy....

    After-sale service

    Shenzhen、HongKong ,After-sales Email: nbzhao@newbridge.com.cn...


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    Software download,Guidelines for the Use of Products,Drivers...


    More service

    Return service, Exchange service, Maintenance service, Authenticity inquiry....